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On the day of her new album release here -(http://www.katemillerheidke.com/ )     Kate Miller-Heidke performed last night at the Tanks Art Center. With her goddess looking outfit Kate took to the stage shimmering in our Cairns heat with her partner Keir Nuttall on guitar (which was a great compliment). Such a range of vocals came from this petite, funny, talented woman. I was surprised in the endless ranges and forms  that came from the sweet lips of Kate within each song, which brings me still not being able to describe her in a short sentence. The small crowed was treated with amazing oprah tones that bounced of each wall of the giant tank we sat in, to comedic lyrics, true stories and her own gorgeous little sounds  (which were like an instrument of her own) – I watched my daughters little face turn around with glee when she did this ! Kate’s performance was supported by Madeline Paige who had a beautiful voice that echoed deep though the tanks and made the crowed laugh during her songs), I was quite taken by her version of tear drops . Thanks Kate and the Tanks …. such a great night.

(Ok so my Canon 5D wont fit into my handbag – the trusty Iphone had to come out, no flash ) … managed to get a couple of strange, slightly blurry images … 🙂